WATCH: SEC Network's opening segment after launch

Image from the SEC Network's opening segment during its much-anticipated launch, Thurday, August 14, 2014. (SEC Network)

Hey, did you hear? The SEC Network has launched.

Unless you've been sleeping in your momma's basement all summer, you likely already knew the ESPN-backed network was going live for the first time today, marking what some are calling the largest cable network launch in television history with an estimated reach of over 91 million viewers.

At 5 p.m., the SEC Network was on the tube. And there was Birmingham, right in the middle of the action.

"The [SEC] offices sit at the corner of 22nd Street and Richard Arrington Boulevard in Birmingham, Alabama," said Brent Musburger, the network's lead announcer who has one of college football's most recognizable and respected voices in the game. "This is the home to tradition and excellence."

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