Companies cleaning up after frozen pipe breaks

Cold temperatures creating havoc for many people and businesses.Pipes are freezing then bursting, leading to a lot of damage. The Blount County Sheriff's Office is closed after a water main break there Wednesday morning.We caught up with a restoration company that's been getting more calls than it can handle. The general manager has been working as late as three in the morning to finish jobs.Not only did a pipe burst at the Blount County Sheriff's Office, the same thing happened at the Oneonta Senior Center and flooded the building. The Oneonta Senior Center is closed after a pipe in the attic burst, sending water everywhere.Frank Green with K & S Done Right says this is one of several messes he's been called out to during this cold snap. "Trying to hit 20, 25 people a day, as many as we can get to. We're going to take them on a first come first serve basis, but trying to get to as many folks as we possibly can."The ice coming off the side of the building, a symbol of just how cold it is.{} When pipes break they can cause significant damage. "We've had our share of folks gone all day at work and walked in and waters run for several hours and them not aware it was going on."Green says attic pipe problems are at the core of what they've been handling. A sprinkler system pipe ruptured above the lobby of the Blount County Sheriff's Office Wednesday Morning. Sheriff Loyd Anderson says "The roofs collapsed, the lobby is damaged. we've had water go all over the building."3 inches of water covered the floor. It damaged 4 four offices and destroyed the computer system. "All of our information is on a back up system so all we have to do is get new computers, get them programmed, hooked up and we're back in business and hopefully we can do that in the next day or two."Green says while some of these breaks can't be prevented, there are things you can do to take precautions, especially at home. "Opening your cabinetry would expose or allow heat to get to any piping. Kitchen sinks, bathroom vanity cabinets and turning up the heat. You can buy heat coils, you can buy foam wrapping for copper piping."Green says you can also put blankets on piping. Even though the Blount County Sheriff's Office is closed, people can still pick up copies of incident reports and pistol permit renewals at the office in Hayden. All calls have been routed to the 9-1-1 dispatch center.