Update: Berry Middle School closed due to water spill; Statement from Hoover FD, School System

Update:Joint Statement from Hoover City Schools/Hoover Fire Department: "Berry Middle School was closed today after an overnight water incident dumped a significant amount of water in a portion of the school. Some of the first employees to arrive at the school this morning initially noticed the issue and notified school authorities.{} Hoover Fire Department officials were called to the scene and immediately began investigating.{} No students were ever in danger, as the incident was discovered before the school day began.{} Students were diverted to Spain Park High School as they arrived at school by bus and by car.Early assessments included an odor, in addition to the water.{} For those reasons, we evacuated all staff and faculty from that portion of the school.{} It was later determined that a part associated with a water holding tank failed, which caused the water to dump.{}{} Outside, professional cleanup crews have arrived at the scene to begin the clean up process.The school will remain all closed all day Wednesday.{} We will make a determination later today as to whether closure will be necessitated for Thursday."- Rusty Lowe, Executive Officer, Hoover Fire Department- Jason Gaston, Hoover City Schools


Students at Hoover's Berry Middle School had an extremely short school day. They were told school was canceled as they arrived on campus.

A part on a water holding tank failed; several gallons of water were dumped into the Fine Arts section of the school. The concern was over whether there is a chemical in the water. That has not yet been determined.

The students were rerouted to Spain Park High school and then dismissed for the day. A spokesman for Hoover City Schools says students are expected to be back in classes tomorrow.