Remember the apps!

Here's a list of must-have apps with links to keep you weather aware. {}Download them all{}in addition to having your programmed weather radio at home.

The ABC 33/40 Weather App allows you to take radar and updates on the go. {}You can also watch James Spann and the weather team in your safe place during severe weather. {}ABC 33/40 Weather App (FREE)Click For Android PhonesClick For iOS PhonesSpecial version for your iPadThis app also includes an hour-to-hour forecast and a look at the 10-day forecast as well. {}There is also a traffic map to let you know what's happening on the roads.James Spann 24/7 App (FREE){}Click for iOS PhonesClick for Android PhonesFollow ABC 33/40 Chief Meteorologist James Spann. Read his blog, follow his Twitter and Facebook accounts, check up on his school visits, browse his photo collection or send weather photos to him. With this app you will have regular communication with America's top broadcast meteorologist.The iMap Weather Radio app can send you warnings based on pre-set locations and your current location using your phone's GPS. {}Once you download it, set it for ABC 33/40 for a live stream of radar or our wall-to-wall coverage during severe weather.iMap Weather Radio ($9.99)Click For Android PhonesClick For iOS