Weather in other cities causing delays at Birmingham Airport

Broderick Witt, right, and his family wait at the airport for a flight to New York. (

Some flights at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport have been delayed due to weather in other cities.

"It's probably going to put me behind on everything today," Jesse Daniel said.

His delay was due to bad weather in Charlotte.

Broderick Witt was also on that flight, he's headed to New York.

"My flight has been delayed an hour," he said.

Daniel is hopeful, once out of Birmingham, there won't be any other delays to worry about.

"You can't really control it," he said. "But it's a little disappointing. I just hope I make the rest of my flights throughout the day or I'll be sleeping in the airport again tonight."

"If you're scheduled for a flight at a certain time, it should be at that time," Witt said. "Because what you plan, you already planned it and, to me, the delay will throw you off plans."

Some flights were delayed to and from Charlotte, as well as Dallas, Texas, due to weather.