Weiss Lake unusually deadly this year

Three{}drownings and one water skiing death on Weiss Lakeso far this year.{}"{}Nothing to tie the for of them together. Just weird that way," said Alabama Marine Police Officer Rick Sides.{}He says that because the deaths come as the boating season is only getting started.According officer Sides,{} water traffic on Weiss Lake, even in the late afternoon when it typically gets busy, has been slow this year. He can't explain the early spike in deaths{}{}"{}It's just one of them things on Weiss Lake. 5, 6 years ago, we had 4 drownings in a month and half," said Sides. "Last year , we had a good amount of boat traffic. We had one very minor boating accident and nobody was injured. We{} had an older boat split at seams and sunk."{}Officer Sides has patrolled the lake for more than a decade. Nowadays, he patrols all 30,200 acres and 447 miles of shoreline by himself.{}It's worth noting, last year, lake towns Centre and Leesburg turned wet.Marine police say one of this year's drowning victims was drinking. But so far this year, Officer Sides has only had one{}DUI case --{}a water skier He says the most common{}infraction he finds on the water,{}year after year, are boaters not having enough life jackets on board.{}"And not{}having a current , valid registration on board the vessel."{}Sides biggest warnings for boaters{}are to make sure you always have a life jacket and always drive defensively.{}" Out here there ain't no lines or lanes. So you have to watch out for the other guy."