Welcome Home James Brown!

Traveling the world in the Navy is pretty exciting... but according to one dad it is not as exciting as returning home.

Take a look at the big surprise... his children got today.

His son and daughter ran up to their father's arms and didn't let go for a long time.

The happy reunion happened at Rocky Ridge Elementary School today.... the end of the year party... got a little sweeter when the browns had a family reunion.

Petty Officer James Brown says, "I'm here to see my kids."

James Brown serves in the Navy... and he's served half a world away.

James Brown says, "We left San Diego... went to the Persian Gulf flew sortie there."

On a ship he runs the phone system.... and sometimes can talk to his family by phone... but today... was extra special.

He says leaving is harder and harder... but coming home is what it's all about.

So for the next few weeks... He will enjoy his family.

James: "14 days then I have to go back to work."

While he's here.... he says .. he plans to do a lot of nothing... and mainly visit with loved ones. His dream has come true.

James Brown. " I wanted to wrap my arms around my wife and go home."

Welcome home James Brown!