Well-being lower in Alabama this year

They don't call it the "Aloha State" for nothing.{} Hawaii is happiest state for the fourth year in a row, according to a Gallup Well-Being Index.{} In fact, it got happier in the last year. The index considers several factors, including health and work satisfaction.{} Maybe it's the beaches or beautiful weather, Hawaiians are least likely to have daily worry or stress.{} Hawaii got a well-being index score of 71.1 last year.{} That's up a point from 2011.Unfortunately, the news is not as good for Alabama.{} Our state ranked 45th in the index.{} Sweet home Alabama received a 64.2 a well-being index score.{} That number is down from 2011, when the score was 64.6.Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, and Vermont round out the top five states with the highest well-being scores.{} Apparently people are not as happy in West Virginia. The state received the lowest overall well-being for the fourth year in a row.