Wells Fargo hosts home preservation workshop

Wells Fargo, this state's biggest home mortgage lender, is working one-on-one with customers to try to figure out a way to help them keep their home. Wells Fargo invited nearly 2,000 customers in this area to come to a workshop on Thursday to try to work out a solution.

Those attending the workshop are delinquent in their mortgage payments.

Some of the biggest factors that play into mortgage payment problems are unemployment, underemployment and medical bills.

Hugh Rowden the community outreach regional manager for Wells Fargo says the workshop has positive results

"When a customer works with us, seven out of ten avoid foreclosure. Unfortunately, when they don't work with us and they try to go through that process alone, only one out of three avoids foreclosure," he says.

The workshop goes on until 7:00 p.m. Thursday in the east exhibit hall of the BJCC.