Wells Fargo wants to help customers with home mortgage

"When you go into a community and you see foreclosure signs, you automatically think if that customer were engaged with us and if we spent time with them...we could have helped them avoid foreclosure," Hugh Rowden said.

Rowden, the Community Outreach Regional Manager for Wells Fargo, doesn't like what he sees.

"Customers are still having challenges with their mortgage payment," he said.

But he says Wells Fargo is trying to change that.

Booths are going up at the BJCC East Ballroom. Thursday, Wells Fargo will be there to help. It's all for the Home Preservation Workshop.

"Two out of three people are able to avoid foreclosure and get assistance by coming to our event," Rowden said.

The company has invited 1,800 customers in the Birmingham market to join them. These customers are referred to as "delinquents," who are more than 30 days late on payment. Rowden says the free event is also open to all Wells Fargo customers who might be struggling with their mortgage.

Rowden says the three biggest factors that contribute to mortgage payment problems are unemployment, underemployment and medical bills.

That's why Wells Fargo is having the event in Birmingham; to find a middle-ground between the business and customers.

"No one wins in foreclosure," he said. "The customer doesn't win, the community loses and the bank loses as well. It's important to work with customers early and often to help them overcome their hardship."

Rowden says there are 36,000 households in the Birmingham market that use Wells Fargo. And in the past four years, he says these events have helped more than 3,900 customers avoid foreclosure.