Wenonah students study for careers in hospitality

Alabama's hotel and hospitality industry is booming.

Some of those future employees are being trained right now in Birmingham City School's hospitality career academy. The academy is at Wenonah High School.

Students understand the importance of a friendly attitude and a smile, while serving the public.

"It's just always been with me. I feel like I can easily do it and that I can talk with anyone," saysWenonah sophomore Destiny De-Shai Sheair.

Sheair has a family history in the hotel industry

"My grandmother worked at the Embassy in Homewood for almost 16 years and my auntie used to workat the Sheraton for more than 20 years," Sheair says.Now, Sheair wants to work toward a career in hospitality. "I would like to be in the front office, or a concierge," she says.Through the career academy, 45 Wenonah 10th graders have the opportunity to learnmore about this growing field.

This is the first year of the program"We're just trying to instill in them the importance of finding something you love to do," course instructor, Diann Pilgrim says.

Pilgrim says the opportunities that a career in hospitality can provide, are endless. "In the hospitality area, no matter what your job is in hospitality, if you have the right attitude and you treat people with respect, then I believe you can go very far," says Pilgrim.