West Nile Support Group


The West Nile Virus outbreak has yet to subside.{} It's poised to break records this year.

The virus which is spread by infected mosquitoes has infected almost 2,000 people in the U.S.{} There have been 87 related deaths.{} All states, except for two, Alaska and Hawaii have reported at least one case of West Nile virus, according to federal health officials.

A doctor who survived West Nile Virus has found a way to help other victims of the virus.

It nearly killed doctor Don Read seven years ago.{} When he recovered, the surgeon formed a support group in Dallas.{} Now, since Texas is the hardest hit with 45% of the reported West Nile cases, Dr. Read has jump-started the group.

Doctor Read was paralyzed, and had to learn to walk and write again. So, he knows just what to tell others.{}{} He tells others,{} "You're going to get better. You may not be completely well ever, but you're going to get better than you are now."

Dr. Read says, mosquitoes are going to be with us through the end of October.{} So, he continues to urge people to take precautions against the West Nile Virus