What about a Northport City School System?

© Collins-Riverside Middle School is one of the nine Tuscaloosa County campuses that may be placed into a new district. (

{}{}{} Northport city leaders are toying with the idea of pulling the nine Tuscaloosa County schools in city limits and forming their own school district.

{}{} There are nine county schools in the city of Northport.{} Mayor Bobby Herndon says the city is on the move, having its own school system could help enhance the city's economic progress and attract more businesses and families.{} "We're not saying yes, tomorrow we're going to have a Northport school system.{} We need to study it," says Herndon.

{}{}{} He points out that a third of students in the county school system live in Northport anyway.

{}{}{} However, some parents believe the city can not financially support the schools and would most likely have to raise taxes to do so.{} "When you take away that tax money, isn't that going to hurt the other schools because it's not going to go to the other schools," questioned Eric Sprayberry.{} He has children attending Tuscaloosa County Schools.

{}{} Interim Superintendent, Dan Butler tells ABC 33-40 if Northport were to yank those nine schools out of the system, it could hurt. "We're getting ready to open school number 34 in the South end of the county when school starts.{} It would impact the school system.{} We'd have less students and less funding," he said.

{}{} Mayor Herndon says there's nothing wrong with the schools as they are, but the city would be better off with its own.

{}{} City Council may begin a feasibility study within the next month or so.