What should you do with all that Halloween candy?

Are you "sugar shocked" by how much candy your child brought home from trick-or-treating last night?{} Instead of allowing your child to get a sugar rush, how about teaching a positive lesson on giving?

Pediatric dentists across the country are taking part in a candy buyback program.{} Many tell the youngsters to bring in their sweet treats to exchange for cash, coupons, even new toothbrushes.{}

The candy collected usually is sent to groups that puts the treats in care packages for U.S. troops serving overseas.{} Below are some websites to the organizations involved in candy buybacks:

Another idea to give:{} In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, there are sure to be children all along the East Coast that did not get to trick-or-treat.{} No organizations have come forward yet to take on a task to deliver candy to children in affected areas.{} However, you could send candy to a post office or city hall on the east coast with a note stating what it is for.