What's that in the sky? It's a bird, it's a planeit's both.

this is what you may see flying overhead today. Whooping cranes being guided to Florida by an ultralight similar to this one.

A groupof endangered whooping cranes migrating to Florida has made it to Alabama, butnot without some help.

Anorganization called Operation Migration is using two ultralight aircrafts toguide the eight young birds south from Wisconsin, where their journey began onOct. 2.

The birdsare raised in captivity. They're introduced early in life to ultralights and pilotsdisguised as cranes in hopes they follow when the time comes.

Thecranes were in Tennessee before making it to north Alabama. Two of the birdsfollowed the ultralights to Winston County, but six others had to be brought toa landing site in trucks.

The birds had been groundedfor two weeks because of weather. They're headed to the St. Marks NationalWildlife Refuge on Florida's Gulf Coast.