"What's up with that?" - State reimbursement

Take a trip down Interstate 65 near the Blount / Jefferson County line. You'll see the wear and tear this stretch of roadway endures

Nearly 45,000 cars a day travel on this stretch of interstate.Johnny Harris is the AL-DOT engineer for Division 1, which services state highways in Blount County.

Harris says an "emergency repair" of the interstate has been completed. This repair only resurfaces sections of the highway where major potholes had formed. "There's no 'quick fix' to the solution, we try to maintain those areas," says Harris. "In many cases it is just a temporary repair until we can make a more permanent correction."

The lanes which have been temporarily repaved have a two inch dip from the rest of the asphalt surface.

Jerry Walker says AL-DOT's temporary repair caused damage to his van.

"It's like hitting speedbumps at 80 miles-an-hour," says Walker. "I had to have my front end realigned twice and the tires replaced. It's just a hassle that the conditions are this bad even though they are trying to fix the interstate."Walker says all total, it cost him $800 in repairs. Now, he wants to know if the state is able to re-imburse him for the damages.

The answer... "We have a claims procedure where individuals can revert to," says Harris.

Harris says the state has a board of adjustment that reviews claims. Walker would need to file a claim with documentation showing the damage and the cost to fix it.

He can do so by going online to fill out a form, listing the damage sustained and the location where it happened. In Walker's case, his claim would go through the Division 1 office. "There would have to be receipts provided for actual damages that are paid for or occurred, that can be attributed directly to the roadway condition," says Harris.As for Walker... He says, "I'm going to try to contact them and see if they'll reimburse me!"

If your car suffers damage from an AL-DOT maintained interstate. You are encouraged to contact state offices as soon as possible.

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