"What's up with that?" - Gardendale development

It was eleven months ago Gardendale shouted the news. Construction on the Gardendale city center was underway.{}

The project would include 44,000 square feet of retail space and almost as much office space.

Buffalo Wild Wings was signed to be the first restaurant. Not much has happened since then.

Gardenale city council president Stan Hogeland says, the original plan for the Gardendale city center, which featured city administration buildings in the heart of it, didn't go over well with developers.

"We still have a plan, the plan is just different than what the original plan was," says Hogeland. "It was a very difficult sell to developers. They're more interested in retail, the return on their dollar. So now we have an alternate plan that we feel is going to be even better."Hogeland says the addition of Publix, which breaks ground July 30, will be a shot in the arm for the area.

He says the city also has a letter of intent from a 55,000 square foot national retailer. The plan, is to build on the vacant site where the city center sits.

Preferred Growth Properties, which is a subsidiary of Books-A-Million, Inc. is developing the Publix shopping center project.

Hogeland says the city will have new renderings of the Gardendale city center and that an announcement should come in the coming weeks