"What's Up With That" - Grief counseling

Loss of a spouse brings on a flood of feelings of grief and loneliness that can linger for years. Sometimes, finding others who share that type of loss can be part of the healing process.One of our ABC 33/40 Facebook friends, who lives in Jasper, says she's having trouble finding resources to help young mothers and fathers who have become widows and widowers. Sabrina Masterson says she would like to know where she can find groups that can help talk to the widow and the children. Chris Nuss works as a grief counselor for the GriefShare program. GriefShare focuses on healing the loss of a loved one, through discussion, personal study and reflection. "Grief is not something that we should go through alone in our lives. We want them to know they have the ongoing support that they need,"{}says Nuss."We began (the program) this fall, and continued into the spring. It's an ongoing program, 13 weeks. It offers not only support but opportunity to talk to people who are going through the same thing you are going through. Knowing you're not alone," Nuss explains. GriefShare is offered at First Baptist Church of Jasper.{}The program wraps up its spring session May 18.However, Nuss says they're working to organize groups for the summer.{} "Anyone is welcome," says Nuss. "We have had people come from throughout the community from different churches. People who do not attend church regularly. And{}I think they all feel welcome because the focus is really on the person." She encourages anyone mourning the loss of a family member to contact her.{} "We would love to talk to you, if you would just call the church, they will make sure that I get in touch with you personally. You and I can speak to each other, because{}I want to be sure you have the help and support that you need to help you through this time. Grief is not something that we should go through alone in our lives."Shonna Carpenter, with New Beacon Hospice says they too offer help to all those grieving.{}Please call us, we do have listings for support groups," says Carpenter. "We also provide bereavement even with people who are not associated with New Beacon Hospice. We can help them out, with one on one counseling. Grief support groups. If she would just give us a call, we could help."Nuss knows losing a spouse can be especially difficult for younger widows and widowers. "Every loss is unique. Each one certainly has it's own concerns. Each person will have their own experience. Certainly when someone is young, you think about all the hopes and dreams and plans that you had and you have to grieve all of those."{}She says all it takes is that first step and the willingness to share. "Just knowing that you can say what you need to say and be where you are in the process and that's okay is very healing," says Nuss.{}"Time doesn't heal the wound. But we know as we grieve and as we grow, we're able to have a new understanding of our lives." If you are interested in contacting either GriefShare or New Beacon Hospice. Call Chris Nuss at (205) 221-6444. Or New Beacon Hospice at (205) 387-9339{}There's also grief support meetings at Edgil Grove Baptist Church the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm.{}