"What's up with that?" - Interstate potholes

Recently, several ABC 33/40 Facebook friends wanted to know, "What's up with all the potholes on area interstates?"

From I-59 to I-459 to I-20, drivers should see progress in those trouble spots in the coming weeks. Brian Davis, engineer for the Alabama Department of Transportation says, wet weather and abnormal temps have wreaked havoc on Alabama's highways."We've gone almost weeks at a time when our pavement conditions have been wet," says Davis. "That is causing us to lose the bond between the top wearing surface and the lower binding layers."Wet weather put repairs on hold. But now, workers are attacking the problem. Many were out over the weekend patching holes. "All this patching that we're doing is in an effort to hold these roads together until this spring and this summer, when some resurfacing jobs can happen," explains Davis. "That will permanently resurface these roadways and get the back in a good state of repair."Davis says crews will continue to be out on the highways for at least three weeks.

His request to drivers... "We would very much appreciate people being understanding. If you see the signs, you see the flashing lights, move over in the lanes, slow down, protect yourself, protect our workers."

Two projects on I-459 from US 11 in Trussville to Grants Mill Road, and another that from Grants Mill Road to Highway 280.

Also, I-20 between I-59 near the Birmingham airport and Leeds.

Both projects are slated to begin in the spring and run through the fall of 2013.

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