"What's up with that?" - Interstate updates

On Focus@4, we've found some answers to a couple of "What's up with that?" posts on our ABC 33/40 Facebook page.

Both deal with problems on interstates around Birmingham. The first comes from Greg-Janice Hethcox, who says, "There have been road signs along I-20 between Birmingham and Oxford down for months. When will the highway department finally get around to putting those back up?"Another of our friends, Melanie Foster Shivers wants to know, "How about the electronic road sign on I-459 that was knocked down a few months ago when they were repaving and it is still laying on the side of the road crumpled up with grass growing up all around it?"Brian Davis, Third Division engineer for AL-DOT says, the reason those signs on I-20 are still down is because of the recently finished repave project.

Davis says the "sign bridges" will go up within the next twenty days. He says the footings for the signs have been poured and that crews are still in the process of completing the project.

As for that massive information display that is still sitting on the side of I-459. Melanie, don't expect it to be going anywhere, anytime soon...

Brian Davis with AL-DOT says they are still working with their insurance and bonding companies. He tells ABC 33/40 they've begun the insurance process, but that it will likely be several months before any progress is made