What's up with that? Status of Birmingham's bond referendum and roads

In ABC 33/40's daily "What's Up with That Post" on Facebook, a viewer asked about the bumpy conditions on some of Birmingham's roads. Citywide resurfacing has been completed as part of the city's 2012 bond referendum, ABC 33/40 has learned. But other work is slated to be underway this year and in 2015. Below is a list of projects. Tune into ABC 33/40 at 6 for the full report

Calico Winewood Culvert Extension:Construction bid date September 2014Target Completion April 2015Killough Springs Road Shoulder Repair:Project Bid Date September 2014Anticipated Completion March 2015Carver Ave Street Improvements:Right of Way Acquisition on goingEstimated bid date November 2014Target Completion date June 2015Alabama Avenue Drainage Improvements:Project Bid Date September 2014Target Completion Date May 2015Greensprings Streetscape:Project Bid Date October 2015Target Completion Date June 2016Grants Mill Road Shoulder RepairConstruction is 60% CompletePublic Works is performing this project2nd Avenue Streetscape Project:Project Bid on July 2, 2014Construction completion date March 2015Gene Reed Road Shoulder Repair:Project scheduled to bid in November 2014Target Completion March 2015Graymont Avenue StreetscapeProject Bid on July 24, 2014Target Completion April 2015Norwood StreetscapeDesign.{} Project is in Design PhaseALDOT bid date scheduled for November 2015Target Completion Date June 2016Shuttlesworth Bridge:ALDOT Bid Date Scheduled for November 2014Target Completion September 20162nd Avenue Thomas ExtensionDesign.{} Feasibility study is completeProject Scope being reviewedJefferson Avenue Bridge Repair:Construction.{} Contract Completion Date September 30,{} 2014Pearson Avenue:Project bid September 2014Design.{} Target Completion Date May 2015Green Springs Bridge RepairDesign.{} Project Bid Scheduled for November 2014Target Completion date May 2015Woodlawn Street ImprovementsDesign.{} ALDOT bid scheduled April 201516th Street Pedestrian BridgeDesign.{} Bid Date Scheduled April 2015Railroad Reservation Street Improvements (1st ave S)Project complete21st Street Viaduct Bridge ReplacementDesign.{} ALDOT Bid scheduled for November 2015Sidewalks / Paving Grant Match (ATRIP Grant)Design.{} ALDOT Bid date August 2015Cahaba Road Street Improvement:Construction.{} Completion date June 2015Tarrant Huffman Widening Phase 2ALDOT Bid date November 2014Utility relocation ongoingPratt Highway Bridge ReplacementDesign.{} ALDOT Bid scheduled for November 2015Ensley Avenue StreetscapeRight of Way acquisition ongoingTarget Bid Date April 2015Target Completion Date April 2016