Which lettuce is more safe to eat?

Which lettuce do you prefer-- Bagged or not bagged?

The many recent recalls of lettuce, bagged or not, don't boost your confidence while trying to eat healthy.

Environmental Medicine{}experts speak to the issue, offering new advice to help keep you safe when considering, preparing and storing your green, leafy lettuce.

Most of the recent recalls have been due to contamination with the bacteria, Listeria.{} Experts say Listeria not only survives but also thrives in the colder temperatures of a refrigerator.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine expert at North Shore University Hospital in New York, Dr. Ken Spaeth says, he wouldn't make much of a distinction between them in terms of food safety. However, pre-washed bagged and the au-naturel people should thorough wash both before use.

Director of clinical microbiology and immunology at the NYU Langone Medical Center,{} Dr. Philip Tierno, prefers the bagged lettuce. He says, bagged lettuce -- once it hits the supermarket -- likely has fewer bacteria than loose lettuce, as it usually is triple washed and customers haven't been touching it.{} Tierno says, the triple-washing process usually kills about 90 percent of potential organisms.

The bottom line: go with your personal preference, but be sure to wash whatever you choose, whether it's bagged or not.