While away the hours: How Americans spend free time

Out of a{}24-hour day most of us find eight hours to spend as we please. The other 16 usually are taken up with work and sleep. How we spend free time really has not changed much in the past decade - even with the dramatic changes we have seen with the economy and technology.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' annual "American Time Use Survey" men{}divide their free time differently than women. For example, men spend one hour 17 minutes on household activities which can include housework, food preparation, and lawn care. Women spend two hours ten minutes on those same activities.

Women are bigger shoppers, spending 50 minutes each day on this activity, while men usually spend approximately 36 minutes.

Men, however, spend ten minutes more each day on recreation, sports, and exercise than do women. Men use up 24.6 minutes with this activity, while women devote just 14 minutes to it.

Young people spend more time studying while older Americans spend more time eating and drinking.

Take a look at the top eight ways Americans spend free time.

8. Educational activities

7. Organizational, civic and religious activities

6. Caring for, helping household members

5. Purchasing goods, services

4. Eating and drinking

3. Household activities

2. Leisure and Sports

1.Personal care activities (includes sleeping)