White House to Honor Tuscaloosa Red Cross Volunteer Suzanne Horsley as a "Champion of Change"

On Friday September 14, as part of a day-long program, the White House will honor Suzanne Horsley of Tuscaloosa as one of nine volunteers and employees who are "Champions of Change" as they welcome over 100 American Red Cross volunteers, employees, and partners from across the country.

These extraordinary individuals have devoted their time and effort to the Red Cross across the country and will have the opportunity to share their stories with Administration officials and Red Cross members around the world. The Champions of Change program was created to honor ordinary Americans doing great work in their communities.{}"President Obama knows how important the American Red Cross is to not only providing humanitarian relief but also building resilient communities," said Jon Carson, Deputy Assistant to the President. "The American Red Cross Champions of Change we are honoring are a reflection of the generosity and compassion deeply rooted in our national identity."{}

More about Dr. Suzanne Horsley, Tuscaloosa, Alabama:{}Dr. Horsley is a Public Relations professor at the University of Alabama and a long-time volunteer for the American Red Cross who experienced disaster herself in 2011 when tornadoes swept through Tuscaloosa and her home was damaged. Nonetheless, Suzanne and her husband spent more than a month away from their jobs and damaged home to work at a Red Cross shelter, helping those in the community who needed help the most. In addition, Suzanne and her PR students launched a fundraising effort for Red Cross disaster relief by designing a book about Red Cross relief efforts in Alabama. After the storms, she and her students continued to serve their community by managing her chapter's PR and social media presence.{} Not only has she been a great volunteer and supporter for her community, but she is also cultivating a whole new generation of Red Cross volunteers through her students.