White marble from Anniston's Wells Fargo for sale

An Anniston landmark is becoming parts of patios, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The Wells Fargo building on Quintard Avenue is coming down, and workers are carefully removing the white marble exterior.{} The large stone panels are for sale.

The bank originally planned to toss them in the rubble, but{}salesman Keith Howland{}saw the opportunity to re-use the material.

"Some of them are big enough for counter tops and all sorts of miscellaneous projects," Howland said.

"Some people are buying them as souvenirs and cutting them up as paperweights because of so many memories from the building."

Howland said this type of white marble sells for $30-$40 per square foot when new.{} The{}salvaged pieces{}from the bank{}are for sale for $3-$8 per square foot.

There are some companies and contractors interested in buying large quantities of the marble,{}but Howland said he is only selling to the public at this time.

He does not want to make commitments to contractors until all the marble is down and they know how much there is--since panels could break during demolition.

If you are interested, call 256.493.1085.