White's Only Conference Causing Outrage

A Christian Conference, for whites only, starts Wednesday in the small town of Beaverton.A group of pastors posted fliers about the event, leaving many people in shock.In the city of Winfield, Brooke Poole says "I kind of thought it was a typo at first." A flier is causing controversy. Mayor Wayne Silas says "They came in the cover of night and put them on business doors." Poole says "That's not the kind of people we are." Poole took down the flier inviting only white Christians to a pastor's conference in the neighboring town of Beaverton. The mayor asked the police to take them down and started making calls. "The FBI is aware of it, the NAACP is aware of it. According to what I've heard, they can have it as long as it is a peaceful rally."The mayor says he doesn't want this flier to reflect the city's view, they're having their own Independence Day Celebration open to everyone. But people want to know who sent this out and why are only white Christians invited?Pastor William Collier is with Church of God's Chosen, Christian Identity Ministries. The church is putting on the conference. Collier says{} "We have people with like minds that come here."We asked, Does this conference exclude black people? Collier says "We don't have the facilities, we're seldom ever been invited to Black Muslim events, we are not invited to the NAACP events and we've never been invited to Jewish synagogues."

He says it's not a racist event even though members of the KKK will be there. "It has nothing to do with any racism or hate and anybody who brands that would be a racist and a hater themselves."The flier does talk about a cross lighting ceremony, but Collier says one will be burned for religious purposes only. "Our rendition of lighting a cross is opposition to tyranny "Still, the wording of the flier has people shaking their heads. Poole says "I thought that had been over for years."