Thinking about a face lift, why not a butt enhancement?

(ABC 33/40) {}What are people researching when trying to make a decision about cosmetic procedures? {}Not the face lift, not the tummy tuck. {}It's the butt enhancement. {}Yep, that's right. According to the popular medical treatment site, RealSelf, searches for butt enhancements were up 39% in 2011. {}

"Anytime we see a big spike in searches at our website for a particular procedure, this points to a dramatic increase in consumer attention. In 2011 lifting and enhancing the butt topped the list, and we foresee this holding strong for 2012 as well," said Alicia Nakamoto, VP of Community for RealSelf. {}"There are some definite pop culture cues driving this trend - take the royal wedding for example - and where the waif look was once in, women now want to know how to get a fuller backside."

RealSelf, a{}Seattle based website,{}analyzed more than 20 million searches on the site during 2011 and the biggest movers were: {}butt enhancement, up 39% followed by eyelid surgery, up 26%. Lip augmentation, lip alternatives and wrinkle freezes round out the top 5.

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