Why do some people talk about themselves all the time?

We all like to be rewarded for good things we do.{} So why don't we all reward ourselves by talking about ourselves?

A new study by Harvard University psychology researchers suggest that when humans talk about themselves, they get a "biochemical buzz."

Researchers conducted a series of experiments to assess how much people liked talking about themselves and why. In one, they scanned people's brains while those people either revealed personal information about themselves or judged the personalities or opinions of others. In another experiment, researchers tested whether people preferred to answer questions about themselves, other people or neutral facts. Yet another study explored whether people wanted to share their answers with others or keep them to themselves.

What researchers found was astonishing.{} The same reward centers of our brain which are triggered when we eat, have sex or come into some money also light up when we talk about ourselves.

That instant gratification is why researchers say humans spend about 40% of conversations talking about themselves.