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      Your Health Oct-8: Why puberty is occurring early

      Children are experiencing puberty at a very early age.

      Recent studies show girls as young as age eight{}may experience normal breast development and pubic hair growth.

      In fact, the number of girls experiencing early puberty in 2010 was double the number from a decade ago.

      Scientists have linked very early puberty to several factors, including: society moving at a faster pace, foods filled with hormones, toxins in products we use daily, and the obesity epidemic.

      Researchers say you can possibly slow early puberty by changing daily habits such as:

      going green, choosing organic foods or local produce, reading product labels, avoiding items with parabens in it; that's a chemical that the body can misread as a hormone and exercise.

      Experts say an active lifestyle can help your child with weight management and further reduce exposure to hormones.