Why Sleep Is So Important ... A Local Doctor Fills Us In!

Dr Lori Smith joined the Talk of Alabama Crew today to talk about the one thing we all need, but none of us get enough of ... sleep!

It is recommended that adults get 7 hours of sleep per night.

Kids from 10 -17 should get 8 - 9 hours each night.

Children from 5- 10 should get 11 - 12 hours each night.

And newborns should get 18 hours each day/night!

There are different cycles of sleep{} ... the most important being the REM mode, which stands for rapid eye movement. This is where we are in the deepest sleep and have all of our dreams.

If you don't get enough sleep per night, it can effect all other parts of your body, including your immunity and heart!

Dr. Lori says if you have problems sleeping or going to bed, try 3 things:

1.{} do not drink any caffeine after lunch.

2. try to read or listen to soft music while laying in bed to relax you.

3. Set a designated time each night to get on your pajama's and get into bed.