Drivers wash winter weather leftovers off cars, others ready for repairs

As wicked weather moved out, cars from around the magic city moved in to car washes and body repair shops Saturday.

Ginger Lowrey with Riverchase Collision Repair has been busy estimating cars that need repair and re-finishing from the winter gridlock. "We've just had a lot of calls, a lot of people come by, many more estimates than we would normally write," says Lowrey.

But when cars weren't nesting at the repair shop, they were getting a make-over at car washes like Blue Rain Express. Staff members at the car wash say they are expecting to see breaking numbers Saturday, more than 900 customers.

The road salt{} can cause a film that has to be washed off, that's because it can also rust the cars.

Meantime, Birmingham police say they are avoiding towing vehicles still abandoned on city streets after this week's ice and snow storm, and are giving people a chance to pick up their cars as long as it's not interfering with traffic.

Although, the winter gridlock caused a major headache for just about everyone... it actually gave some businesses a financial boost.

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