Winston County wintry weather

Photo courtesy of Tracey A. DeCicco.

While some complain about the snow in Winston County, others are making the best of it. Whether it's sledding down a hill, or just enjoying the day off work.

"We're having a ball down here in Winston County. We got a great hill over here with a neat board in the back," says

Like Lewis Fialko, spinning around in his four wheeler at a gas station lot.

Most drivers played it safe on the roads, truckers like Grant Thorn.

He was headed to Kentucky, and while he says he is used to this type of weather, he enjoys the sunny breeze more than the wintry blues. "This is one fat boy that won't complain when it's one hundred degrees," says Thorn.

But, it wasn't all fun and games. Most county roads are still impassable, and the county had one accident but no one was hurt. The county had to use their own trucks and equipment to salt the county roads. While the roads were slowly clearing, most people in Winston County still found time to enjoy the snow, before the next round hits.