People hit the stores shopping for winter weather necessities

With this weather, roads could become hazardous and houses could lose electricity. Sunday, shoppers were loading their carts. bread and milk certainly weren't the only staples on their lists.From grocery stores to home improvement stores, people are preparing for more winter weather.Craig Boone picked up milk for him and a friend at the Piggly Wiggly in Homewood. "Bread, milk and a few other things. If it does happen, I'm not going anywhere."Lloyd Johnson headed to Home Depot on Highway 280 to get flashlights and batteries. He's a doctor, making sure preparations also include his vehicle. "I'm going to make sure I have a winter coat in the car and an extra pair of shoes I can walk in if I needed to."Adam Colvin is bringing extra clothes to work after he and 35 customers spent the night in the store during the Winter gridlock."Everybody was caught off guard."Since then, he says customers have been buying pool salt to melt ice, sand for tires and snow shovels.Colvin says, it's important for people to have a travel pack handy."Maybe a six pack of water, a pair of gloves, a light blanket, even a gas can that has a gallon or 2 of gas. Just make sure if you're stuck on Highway 280 for another 6 hours, you can get home."Customers also bought generators. Two other important suggestions, keep a first aid kit in your car too and a cell phone charger.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}