Witnesses describe sights and sounds from crash site

A mass of flames erupts from a field near the Birmingham airport where a UPS cargo jet crashed, killing two early Wednesday morning. (

The impact could be heard and felt for miles, but for many neighbors in the Tarrant area, the plane crashed very close to home.

Several residents have noticed of late, planes flying too low on take-off and landing.

Peter Torres describes the early morning scene when he heard flight 1354 crash near his home. "I heard a loud boom. Like a bomb," says Torres.

Torres says the plane was flying low on its descent. "It was too low, it was approaching too low," he says.John Davis Jr. says he's been concerned for some time about how low planes have been flying."Smaller planes would take off and land on this runway, now larger planes are coming in and you can just about see the pilots," he says.Yvette Reed knows how close she and other residents came to being part of this disaster. "It's horrible, but I think the pilot did an excellent job to avoid hitting any houses," says Reed.

The plane crashed and burned a half mile from Ryan Wimbleduff's house. "You never imagine that a plane would crash less than a mile away from your house," says Wimbleduff. " We see planes fly low all the time, we joke about throwing rocks at them, but you never actually see them fall."