Woman murdered 30 years ago exhumed

{}{}{} Tuscaloosa Cold Case investigators have dug up the grave of woman whose name they've never known.{} She was killed more than 30 years ago.{} When her body was found in the Black Warrior River in 1982, she had no identification.{} "She was dressed to be a transient of some kind, possibly a traveler," said Sgt. Dale Phillips

{}{}{} Police say the woman had been strangled and severely sexually assaulted.{} But, despite even a well defining sketch that was put out then, no one in the public recognized her. "Never anyone came up with having someone missing or anything. So there were never any close leads."

{}{} Now, police believe scientific advances in DNA could at-least tell them who she is.{} "If we can get enough tissue to get a DNA profile. That can be placed in several national databases and hopefully there will be match of family member on her."

{}{} If that happens, it could lead to new clues about who she was last with or where they were headed and perhaps a killer. "If we can just identify her and be able to call a family. If theres a mother out there or brother or sister who love to know what happened to a love one. If we can accomplish that -- we've made progress"

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