Woman charged with attempted murder after road rage incident

Nikia Garrett

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says a Fairfield resident, Nikia Garrett, fired a gun during a road rage incident.

The quarrel occurred Wednesday afternoon in the 2200 block of Old Springville Road. Deputies say Garrett was yelling from a convertible behind a married couple who was turning from congested traffic into a barbershop's parking lot.Deputies say Garrett continued yelling obscenities while parked across the street as all exited their vehicles.The husband crossed the road to confront Garrett before a physical altercation. Garrett reportedly bit the man's finger while a juvenile from Garrett's vehicle pulled a gun and pointed it at the man. The husband then also pulled a weapon. The two pointed a gun at each other before putting the guns aside and retreating.As Garrett and the juvenile drove away, deputies say Garrett fired at the wife. The bullet missed.

Deputies found Garrett and the juvenile at a nearby apartment complex, where she was arrested. Garrett is charged with attempted murder and posted a $10,000 bond Thursday morning.