Women ditching chemical for their natural curls

Thousands of African American women have made the resolution not to chemically treat their hair. Chemicals promising to straighten or loosen tightly coiled hair textures, otherwise called perms or relaxers, are no longer be a part of their beauty regimen.

In other words, the texture you're born with, is the texture you stick with. Deshonica Kerrie is a global educator for Design Essentials. She says many women choose to go natural because it's healthier for their hair. Many straighteners have harsh chemicals that are damaging to the hair.

Sodium hydroxide is the chemical in many relaxers , and it's the same chemical used to remove paint, or treat clogged drain pipes. Many women say they use relaxers because of today's beauty standards. "Good hair" versus "bad hair" is the idea that straight hair is better than kinky hair.

But some women say it's time to debunk those myths. They say it's time{} natural hair is more widely accepted in social and professional settings.

The Natural Hair and Health Expo will take place Sunday March 10, 2013 at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center. Stylists and natural hair experts will be on hand.

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