Women face several retirement challenges

Only one third of women over 65 are married. And even those who are married may easily outlive their husbands by 15 years.

The fact is, when it comes to retirement, women have to overcome several obstacles. One local financial expert says the problem with many women is they don't expect the unexpected. But there are steps women can take at every stage of{} life to prepare for retirement.

For women in their twenties, the idea of retirement may be far removed.

"Their biggest concern is barely getting by. Quit believing that and put on your list of things to do to pay yourself first," said Donna Cates, a financial advisor for Ameriprise Financial.

By the time a woman reaches her thirties, saving for a child's college education may be top priority. Not so fast.

"Do a cost analysis and determine how much discretionary cash flow you have each month and once you know how much you have put the larger portion of that money into retirement and then put a little bit toward the college education," said Cates.

By the time a woman reaches her forties and fifties there are questions she must ask herself and answer honestly.

"Do I need to get long term care insurance? What would it cost if something happened to me? do I have enough life insurance?"

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