Women's Seder

At Temple Emmanuel on Highland Avenue in Birmingham, women were dancing, signing and telling the story of the Passover with seder. It was a for women only event.

Lyla Haas is the Rabbi over the event. She says, "It's an opportunity for women to gather and from all over interfaith seder its an opportunity to sit together to gather as sisters in fellowship and celebrate the incredible story of freedom and redemption... And to bring to life the voice of women. Hagada which is the prayer book used for Passover the readings integrated the traditional as well as the woman's touch to it."

Barbara Zaslofsky is the Chairwoman, she says, "The women's seder is joyous a celebration of women freedom from bondage."

They highlight the story of Miriam, Moses' sister with singing and dancing. And a special meal with food that represents the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt and making it to the promised land.

RABBI: "The obligation of the seder is you are to tell the story of the exodus as if you your experienced between your toes the sands of bondage and to feel the land of freedom on the other side of the red sea."


RABBI . We have a seder plate difference symbols affiliated with the telling of the story so there is an egg for springtime and rebirth and greens for springtime you dip into salt water which represent tears of Israelites whose tears were present in the story of affliction. Hiroset apple and nut mixture which is delicious represents mortar and brick Israelites made.

The Seder at Temple Emmanuel was open to women of all backgrounds.


RABBI: " From the book of Isaiah my house is a house of prayer for all people. We truly feel this seder is an example of the opportunity for all people to enter into our house and to make it a home... Of assembly congregation of worship fellowship of truly each person at table has a story and a gift to teach and tell that's what brings to life the meaning of Passover."