Woodlawn barbershop takes customers back in time


{}You might not think of finding a history lesson during a haircut,{}but a Woodlawn barber shop is taking customers "back in time."{}{}The current owner has been cutting hair for the past 46 years. His customers are his friends{}and as ABC 33/40 found out- they leave with more than just a hair cut.

It's not what you might expect to{}find on the streets of Woodlawn. But stepping into Vincent Oliver's Barber Shop takes his customers...

"Back to the easier years of the 50's and 60's," Ronnie Brandon, a longtime customer and Woodlawn Alum said.

...and Oliver doesn't just give haircuts - he shares history.

"I just love the past," Vincent Oliver, Owner said.{}

Vincent's shop is built to hold four chairs, and four customers - But good luck finding the other three. They're buried beneath stacks of memories.

"The majority of stuff in here people brought me or gave to me," Oliver said. "When I first got it, there was nothing here."

"It's almost gotten out of hand! But I enjoy it," Oliver said.

"Every time you come in here you find something different," Brandon said.

"I've got photo albums with pictures of what Woodlawn used to be like," Oliver said.

Each, gifts from friends and loyal customers... And he has a lot.

"They kid me like, 'we'll be cutting hair on the sidewalk one of these days with all this stuff in here!'" he said.

Among the treasure trove, he has{}a cash register from 1921{}and a radio from 1945.

But his business is more than a one-chair barber shop ..

"The chair looks like Floyd's! You look at the chair on Andy Griffith and this looks like the chair," Oliver said.

It's also a high school reunion happening every day.

"Some of my customers I went to grammar school with," Oliver said.

"Sometimes you tell people you have a barbershop in Woodlawn and they think it's dangerous, but I've been here 46 years and it's been great."{}