Workers brave the cold

While most of us bundle up and rush from the car to inside home or school or work. Many in our community don't have that luxury.

On days like this, their job requires they be outside. From garbage collectors to delivery drivers, electricians to plumbers. We found them braving the cold, to get the job done.

As the morning sun rose in Hoover, Robert Brown and his team of sanitation workersmade the rounds.{} The temperature was in single digits. "You just dress warm, put on two or three layers of clothes and by the grace of God a little heater will keep it warm inside the truck!"The cold caused some of the yard-waste and rubbish to stick inside the cans. "When it's cold like this, it's kind of typical, a lot of the cans have water in them, and sacks freeze in them, so you just have to dig them out."In downtown Birmingham, electricians worked to install new LED lights on the 20th street viaduct. Paul Savage explained it this way: No work, no pay. "If you dress right, move around a little bit, and get some heat, you'll be alright," says Savage.Savage says they do what they can to stay warm. Wearing layers and taking occasional breaks in a gas-heated trailer. To the south near Inverness on Highway 280 the cold caused a sprinkler line to break at the Hyatt Place hotel. Tony Person, the repairman who received the call says his business picks up when the temps go down. "We kind of expect this stuff from year to year, but I hadn't seen it this bad or cold, in a while," he says.But, for some, the cold, just isn't a big deal. FedEx driver Benny Velo made his deliveries wearing shorts!

For Velo, the cold keeps him going.

"I do it all the time, it's easy, just in and out of the truck."