"World Changers" rebuild homes in Birmingham


Hundreds of students from across America are using their Summer vacation hoping to help people in need.{}"World Changers" is in the Magic City this month -{}already, they've changed the life of one Birmingham man who needed a hand.Jarvis Lawrence's house on Grasselli Avenue was more than he could handle.{}"It was in pretty bad condition," Jarvis Lawrence said. "It needed a roof, needed framing on the inside, needed painting, needed a lot of stuff."But bright and early this morning, a few teenagers knocked on his door..."We're painting it outside and the roof had to be completely redone and that's his mom's house and they're actually doing the same thing to her house," Brittany Fortson, a 20 year old volunteer said."It makes all the difference in the world because if I wouldn't have had it - it's like a one man show in there," Lawrence said. "When I get a friend to help me, I can, but it's a blessing - a weight lifted off my shoulders.""Just the smile on his face - he's been smiling non stop since he has been out here working. We told him he didn't have to, but he wanted to," Fortson said.The faith-based "World Changers" groups send sixth graders through college students to homes around the U.S. - 366 are here in Birmingham."We go throughout the neighborhoods, talk to different people in the community and also try to influence the lives of the homeowners as much as we can through our work and service," Carly Atkins, World Changers said.The price?? Zero."They get to experience teenagers here giving up their summer to come and show their love for God by this work they are doing for the homeowners," Atkins said."The more I prayed about it, God just led me here," Fortson said."It's indescribable the feeling you get giving someone in need everything they need," Luke Anders, a 17 year old volunteer said.World Changers will be in town for the next three weeks{}working on several more homes across Birmingham.