World Cup watch party scores hundreds of fans

World Cup excitement "kicking" at Iron City Sunday Night.

{}Austin Allison "It's big time, they beat Ghana at the last second. It's huge, you win this game, you make it all the way to the end."

People arrived at the venue around 10:30 Sunday morning to see the game.

There were screams and cheers as Team USA took on Portugal in Brazil. Mark Schaeffer says, "They're a tough team, Cristiana Ronaldo, is one of the best players in the world, it will be tough."More than 1500 people packed the venue and restaurant. Patty Schrimpf with Iron City says, "I'm blown away by this crowd, our owner called this all along and said, Hey, we really have to rally behind World Cup." While Iron City normally hosts concerts, this is the second watch party for Team USA. Cory Wood says, "We came here for a game last Monday. It was awesome, almost incredible so we were hoping to repeat and superstition kicked in. Got to come to the same place. We're standing in the same place too." Whitley Kelley says, "I actually don't follow soccer at all, but something like this. I'm a big sports fan so you get in here and have fun."Iron City Owner, Steve Demedicis, says "It's really fun for us here. All our staff has been really excited. Of course, we're hoping USA will win. In a dramatic finish, the teams tied 2 to 2.

Team USA now has their sights on Germany.

Iron City will host a watch party Thursday at 11 a.m.