World's largest yard sale, start of school; concern for parents


If you haven't been to the World's Longest Yard Sale before, its a real treat.{}The yard sale actually begins in Addison, Michigan and ends in Gadsden. {}Its 690 miles of lamps, furniture, and other treasures for bargain hunters to take advantage.{}The yard sale begins on August, 7th which just happens to be the same day students in Etowah County and Gadsden City head back to school. Some parents have voiced concerned saying that the traffic of school buses mixed with eager shoppers is a remedy for significant delays.{}{}{}"I think for those two days we are going to have to be very careful about the safety of our students and the safety of the participants in that event are of the up most priority to us," said Dr. Alan Cosby, Superintendent for Etowah County.{}Cosby says the huge yard sale and the start of school will have the most impact on one of their schools. {}Mitchell Elementary school, a Gadsden City School, is 'ground zero' for potential traffic trouble. {}The school is located near Tabor Road and Noccalula Falls and will be situated in the hear of where the shopping action will happen.{}"There's really not a lot we can do," said Principal Roger Wilkinson of Mitchell Elementary. "...there is really no other way to work the school traffic in the morning and the afternoon."Some suggest this wouldn't be a problem if the school weren't starting August, 7th. {}Dr Cosby says the district's decision to start school earlier allows for additional breaks and the distribution of in-service days for staff. {}"We're trying to allow for some breaks throughout the school year as well. So overall, I believe it will be hopefully good but as in every calendar every year is different and we may look at something different for the next academic year," said Cosby. {}