Worst jobs for your waistline

Your weight is obviously tied to what you do, how you eat and how you exercise, but it may also be tied to what you do for a living.{}A new survey commissioned by CareerBuilder shows some occupations may actually contribute to weight gain. {}Among the most fattening careers are those of travel agents, judges, teachers and even doctors.

Police officers and firefighters appear to have a higher incidence of weight gain. {}CareerBuilder points out that all those jobs are either high-stress or require a lot of sitting. {}About 54-percent of the respondents attributed their weight gain to sitting at a desk most of the day. {}About 44-percent also blamed food at the office, like birthday cake or lunch brought into the conference room.{}

However, before you go blaming your boss for your bulging belly, remember this: 28-percent of companies provide workout facilities or wellness benefits. {}Only about 10-percent of their employees take advantage.