Would you spend $50 on a light bulb?

An average household uses 30 incandescent bulbs. An eight pack of bulbs costs five dollars.

Enter the 100 watt equivalent LED light bulbs. Same size, same brightness, but wow, look at the price. $55 for one bulb!

It is a lot of money.{} But, each bulb has a life of 22 years and lasts 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

Tony Allison at Lowe's Home Improvement on Valleydale Road knows customers aren't going to jump at replacing every bulb with that kind of price tag.

"These (LEDs) are catching on slowly, but as people become more familiar with LED, they become familiar with the terminology and what it does, it's going to become more popular," says Allison.

LED bulbs have an estimated energy costs of $1.57 a year compared to an incandescent bulb, of the samewattage, that runs over $7.23 each year. "If you were to change five of the main bulbs in your house, you could save up to $70 to $80 a year, just on those light bulbs alone," says Allison.{}{}{} {}Beyond the initial cost, some people might find themselves replacing lamps. LED bulbs won't fit with every lamp shade and finial. "Some of the bases are going to be a little bit different than your regular light bulb. You're going to be able to tell if you have lamps with a shade to be screwed on with the light bulb, it might not work in all applications," Allison explains.

The most common led bulbs being sold right now are 60 watt equivalent. Lowe's is in the process of getting their stores stocked with the 100 watt equivalent.

You can find the light bulbs online here.