Update: Wreck on Interstate 20 backed up traffic Monday morning

Update:They are now hoping to have 1 lane opened around 6pm tonight.


Update:Alabama State Troopers say they expect to have 1 eastbound lane of I20 opened around 4pm today.


A wreck just after 4:00 Monday morning involving 4 commercial semis, including a FedEx 18 wheeler brought traffic to a standstill in I-20.

One person was airlifted to a local hospital, but State Troopers did not think his injury is life threatening. There were 2 other minor injuries.

The Alabama Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management are all involved with the cleanup.

Traffic was being diverted off the interstate at Exit 199 to use Highways 78 and 46 before being rerouted onto the interstate at exit 205.