Wrecks turn I-20 into "parking lot"

It doesn't matter which direction you were headed in. If you traveled I-20 Sunday night, chances are you came across a car accident.

Ten cars were involved in a wreck on 1-20 East. But there were only two drivers. The accident happened near the Montevallo Road exit just before seven tonight. Police say a Cadillac involved in an earlier wreck was pulled over and a truck hauling eight new Mercedes hit it after going around another vehicle. The truck went over the embankment and crossed the 1-20 onramp where it stopped. One Mercedes fell off. No one was hurt.

A few hours later, police were called out to another accident on the same stretch of road.

I-20 West in St. Clair County was described as a parking lot. State troopers say the wet highway caused two cars to slide off the road near the Brompton and Chula Vista exits. Drivers say the accidents had them stopped for up to two hours. No one was hurt.