Cooper Green supporters ask WWKD- What would King do?

If Martin Luther King, Junior was alive, what would he do? Many people in Birmingham asked themselves that question today. The answer took{}some to the street to protest the end of hospital and{}ER{}services at Cooper Green.

Inside the BJCC,{}thousands of people gathered to honor the Civil Rights icon that inspired so many at the nation's oldest unity breakfast.

"It is perhaps one of the largest gatherings of unity breakfast in the country and rightfully so. We gave birth to the civil rights," said Birmingham City Councilman Steven Hoyt.

Outside the breakfast, more than 100 people were carrying out what they believed was King's work.

"If Martin were alive, he'd be with us, so would Fred Shuttlesworth because we're doing his work. We're taking care of the poor," said Rep. John Rogers, (D) Birmingham.

"He was a drum major to the injustice to the poor," said{}another{}Cooper Green supporter.{}

The Save Cooper Green shirts were hard to miss as was the gurney traveling down the street and{}a Cooper Green protestor who had a paper bag over his head.

"Save Cooper Green. They are trying to kill the poor," he said.

"We need some help. We need more people out here to make them aware that Cooper Green needs to reopen," said Ora Collins, a Cooper Green supporter.

Many of the supporters weren't patients. They were concerned citizens. But it wasn't all about the transition of Cooper Green from a hospital into an urgent care center.

Some people standing outside the BJCC with signs wanted less pollution in North Birmingham and no rail expansion in the Southwest area of town. They believe{}all the issues{}are injustices that King would not have overlooked.

"It's not fair. We want to show the folks what injustice is. If{}MLK were alive, he'd be here with us,{}said Rogers.

Rogers vows not to stop the Cooper Green fight even though the hospital closed December 31 and the county surrendered its license.

Jefferson County Commissioner George Bowman also joined the group outside.


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