Yahoo! ranks Auburn No. 1 on list of top 5 colleges for tailgating; 2013 gameday video released

Yahoo! ranked Auburn No. 1 on a Top 5 list of best colleges for tailgating. (Photo Courtesy of Todd Van Emst)

The University of Alabama enters the 2013 college football season as the unanimous No. 1 team in the country, but its arch rival sits atop the rankings of best colleges for tailgating, according to a Top 5 list released by Yahoo! on Friday.

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Of the five best schools ranked, four hail from the Southeastern Conference, which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone considering the league has won seven straight BCS National Championships in football since 2005. And when your teams are dominating inside the stadium, the festivities become all the merrier outside the behemoth facilities before and after games.

Southern California is the lone university on this list not from the SEC, checking in at second in front of Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss, respectively.

The Tigers athletic department recently bulked up its gameday operations this Summer when it added 2,000 parking spots around campus in an effort to accommodate more fans and making their experience all the better.

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The Tiger Walk before Auburn football games is a fan-favorite on the Plains. (Todd Van Emst Photo)

Yahoo! said the following about Auburn's top overall ranking on the list:

"Tailgating at Auburn just got a little easier, thanks to the university's brand-new plan to open an extra 2,000 parking spots around campus just for game day. After all, this is one university that takes its tailgates very seriously; fans start lining up in their campers days before game day, decked out in their Tiger-inspired gear. What's more, Auburn University cemented the school tradition of the pregame walk with the players to the stadium, called the Tiger Walk. And then you know, bring some extra rolls of toilet paper so you can TP the crap out of Toomer's Corner should the Tigers win. Let's just say, game day in Auburn is a spectacle unlike any other."

Photos Courtesy of Todd Van Emst

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